TEHNI WorldWide

Simultaneously during the last decade, TEHNI expanded in foreign markets, exporting its products in 25 countries.

TEHNI SA covers completely the Greek market with partners in every region of Greece. The distribution of goods is done by its own means in Northern Greece and with Logistics companies in Southern Greece.

Outside of Greece sales, consist of almost the 85% of production and there are established partnerships between major construction companies in Europe, Africa and Asia.

In European market-the largest foreign market, TEHNI SA exports its products in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Belgium, Austria and Luxemburg.

In the Balkan Region where TEHNI SA is a market leader, exports its products in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Kossovo, Romania, Albania, FYROM and Bulgaria.

In Africa TEHNI SA‘s products can be found in Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.

Finally in Asia TEHNI SA exports products to neighboring Turkey and the countries of the Persian Golf: Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arabic Emirates.

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